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Paymaster Checkwriter Company


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Paymaster PC-16 New Electronic Checkwriter      

Easy-to operate check writer will print up to 11 digits, plus symbols on business and personal checks. (Imprint of Company Name Not Available). 

  • Clear embossed numbers and special ink make it difficult to alter or falsify.
  •  Number of checks issued and total amount can be stored in memory.
  •  Same amount can be printed out repeatedly
  •  Position for typing on the check can be adjusted.
  •  Backspace key for incorrectly entered figures
  •  Power source: AC110V
  • 90 day warranty

Several International Currencies Available:

  • $ / USD, US$ / GBP / EUR / SFR / CA$ / CHF / DKK / PTS / UK Pound Sterling Symbol / Chinese Yuan (Renminbi) Symbol & Japanese Yen Symbol / SKR / LYD


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